Visordown H2 SX Video Review

Visordown H2 SX Video Review
February 11, 2018 H2SXadmin Discuss in our Forums

Watch the Visordown H2 SX video review below.

Visordown has had the privilege of riding Kawasaki’s new Ninja H2 SX during the press launch in Portugal. Their general impressions are very positive, with the only negative takeaway being that a bike at this price point should be equipped with active suspension.

As someone who has owned a bike with active/electronic suspension I somewhat disagree…or at least think it’s a minor quibble. I rarely used my ES once I found the setup I wanted, which is really no different than finding the settings on a manual adjust bike and leaving the settings mostly alone. This is the habit of most street riders. Maybe if it were a bike that would often see heavy road and track duty warranting often changing suspension settings. But I doubt many people will be thrashing the H2 SX around a track (regularly).

Check out Visordown’s video review below.


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