H2 SX Review got their chance to throw a leg over the mighty new Ninja H2SX, and they seem to be suitably impressed by Kawasaki’s new flagship.

He’re an excerpt:

In sum, after 180 miles aboard the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE, we are beyond impressed. “Stunned” might be the term we are looking for. The engine, suspension and transmission each perform near the pinnacle for such systems on production motorcycles. The fact that this bike combines all three, together with the rest of its attributes, underscores Kawasaki’s claim that this is a “premium” product, and its current flagship.

Strong words indeed. Using such superlatives as “stunned,” “pinnacle,” and “beyond impressed” are some of the most positive words we’ve heard about the SX yet!

Click here to read the entire print version of the review.


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