Kawasaki Z H2 Spy Shots

Kawasaki Z H2 Spy Shot
October 11, 2019 H2SXadmin Discuss in our Forums

Someone in Europe is about to be in hot water. They’ve snapped and uploaded pictures of the new 2020 Kawasaki Z H2 fresh in the crate far in advance of the official 23 October 2019 reveal date. Surely something that will make the Kawasaki mothership slightly irate.

Here’s what we expect from the new Kawasaki Z H2 …

  • The tried and true 998cc supercharged H2 mill, probably tuned somewhere between H2SX and H2 power levels, but certainly no less than the H2SX. So probably power in the 200-230 bhp range. I don’t believe Kawasaki would be crazy enough to stuff the 230 bhp H2 version in a naked bike … but you never know. Regardless, even the H2SX version can reliably and easily tuned to put out about 250 bhp (215 rwhp). And can even be pushed higher than that. But, don’t be surprised if this H2 is significantly re-tuned to provide even more low end and mid-range response than the H2SX, and far less top end due to its naked-ness.
  • The signature single sided swingarm seems to be missing as shown in image #4 (rear brake disk and brake line is on the left side of the bike, which is traditional for normal swingarm bikes).
  • Because of the above, unlikely the Z H2 has the trick “star” shaped wheels present on the H2 and H2SX.
  • TFT display is questionable, as one of the images below seems to indicate an LCD display.
  • Cruise control and all the other technical wizardry the H2 line is known for.
  • Matte charcoal grey paint with red trellis frame (see images below).
  • LED lighting all around.
  • Significant weight reduction compared to the H2SX.


Based on these images it looks like Kawasaki tried to create a more budget minded H2 bike, one that is clearly a direct shot aimed at the Aprilia Tuono, new V4 Ducati Streetfighter, and the lagging in performance/tech Yamaha MT-10 (FZ-10).

Tune into the internet on 23 October 2019 for full details. In the meantime check out the spy shots below.


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