Kawasaki H2 SX Spied in Natural Light

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX
December 11, 2017 H2SXadmin Discuss in our Forums

By now we’ve seen all the EICMA (and other) motorcycle show videos/pictures of the H2 SX under the harsh glow of fluorescent trade show lights. Are you curious to as to how the H2 SX looks under natural light? Here you go.

This video was shot (I believe) during a recent photo shoot in Japan. It gives a quick walk around of the H2 SX and a little start up tease.

Compared to the almost luminescent, glowing, nuclear green from show videos, this color combination looks rather stunning under natural light. Granted, it’s not a bright sunny day, but it still looks great. Sunlight should bring out the metallic aspects of the paint, both the black and green, without making the bike look like it just came from a nuclear waste dump!

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