H2 SX MTC Slipon Exhausts

H2SX MTC Slipon Exhausts

MTC (Max Torque Cans), a U.K. company, has slipon exhausts available for the mighty H2SX.

You can pick from a myriad of outlet, shape, material, and color options to suit your needs and taste.

H2SX MTC Slipon Exhausts

H2SX MTC Slipon Exhausts

H2SX MTC Slipon Exhausts

Visit MTC’s website here: https://www.maxtorquecans.com/

They also have various Ebay stores set up for the H2SX. Here are a couple…

MTC H2SX carbon exhaust

MTC H2SX titanium exhaust

Prices for the H2SX version hover around $300 (U.S.), but will vary depending on choices, and remember to take into account shipping from the U.K. to wherever you may be located.

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