H2 SX ECU Flash by Vcyclenut

H2SX Stock ECU Flash

Feel like giving your new H2SX more juice without breaking the bank? Do you believe Kawasaki may be holding something back with this engine, like they did with the H2? You’re right…and here’s your solution.

H2SXRiders.net member and tuner “vcyclenut” has spend many hours this spring developing an ECU flash and de-restrict on a bone stock H2SX.

His $250 flash will net your stock H2SX (that’s right, no exhaust, no filter…nothing) about 40 rear wheel horsepower on the top end, and about 10 rwhp across the board, increasing as RPMs increase (de-restriction). That’s 210 rwhp and 96 ft-lbs or torque.

If you opt for an aftermarket filter you get  218 rwhp and 99 ft-lbs of torque.

For $250. How’s that for bang for the buck?

Flash available now. Contact “vcyclenut” in our forums (you must register to use private messaging):


And/or visit his website link below for details and questions.


Baseline and final ECU flash dyno on 100% stock H2SX:

H2SX Stock ECU Flash

Baseline and final ECU flash dyno on 100% stock H2SX with Sprint F1 air filter:

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