H2 SX Vandemon Exhaust Systems

H2 SX Vandemon Exhaust

One of the only full exhaust systems being developed for the Kawasaki H2 SX is now available from Vandemon, an Australian based company.

H2 SX Vandemon Exhaust

This is a full blown titanium system that eliminates the cat slung under the bike. Vandemon is touting the exhaust as significantly lighter and cooler (due to cat elimination), while giving a peak bump of 8 hp (before tuning).

But it’s going to cost you a cool $2000 (U.S.) for the privilege of sporting exotic blue/purple headers (once they’ve gone through their heat cycle).

I hope you like it loud!

Additionally, and more economically, you can order a slash cut slip-on that has a similar design/look as the stock exhaust on the insane H2R. This slip-on will also fit to their titanium headers.

Note that this version is NOT compatible with hardbags (panniers).

H2 SX Vandemon Exhaust

You can find more information at Vandemon’s website below . . .


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