H2 SX Beet Evolution Type II Exhaust

H2 SX Beet Evolution Type II Slip-on Exhaust
November 17, 2018 H2SXadmin Discuss in our Forums

Straight from Japan comes this interesting titanium slip-on from BEET Racing Spirits. We’re not too familiar with the brand, but have to admit that the titanium blueing looks pretty sexy on the standard black H2 SX.

The good thing with this slip-on, which has been criminally overlooked by some manufacturers, is that it’s fully compatible with the OEM H2 SX hardbags. So good for them for understanding that many who purchase this bike will be running hardbags either regularly or at least once a year during a trip.

Below is a direct link to their site, as well as technical specifics.


 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX NASSERT Evolution Type Ⅱ Slip-on

  • The material was made of a heat-resistant titanium alloy (SUPER TIX® titanium pipe), and succeeded in weight reduction while ensuring heat-resistant temperature.
  • Straight exhaust pulse cone system realizes a clear sound without turbidity, while conforming to government certification.
  • Silencer set 400 mm shell straight exhaust, silencer set clear titanium, blue titanium.
  • Because it uses genuine chamber BOX, it also conforms to exhaust gas regulation. (Genuine catalyst use certificate attached)
  • Weight is about 5.8 kg of normal silencer, NASSERT Evolution Type II realizes 2.6 kg and about 55% weight reduction.
  • Oil exchange and oil filter change are possible with the muffler attached. A center stand and a normal step can also be installed.
  • Compatible with OEM hardbags.

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