H2 SX Abba Sky Lift Stand

H2SX Abba Sky Lift Stand
October 29, 2018 H2SXadmin Discuss in our Forums

Now here’s something special for those of you riders who like to do your own wrenching and maintenance. The Abba Sky Lift!

The Sky Lift has been available for awhile, but I started pestering them this summer to see if they were going to create an adapter/fitting kit for our new H2 SX. After much trading of emails, some measurements off my bike, and a local owner in the UK swinging buy their offices to ensure fit . . . a fitting kit is now available.

But there are more advantages to just raising your bike to a convenient height for wrenching . . .

Key Features of the Sky Lift:

  • No modifications or parts to be permanently fitted, your bike stays totally standard.
  • One person, quick and simple operation.
  • No more lifting your wheels 2-3 inches off the ground as with normal stands, start lifting them 3-4 feet off the ground!
  • Easy to raise the bike off the ground with its CE approved, foot operated hydraulic pump.
  • If you change your bike, simply change your fitting kit. Remember, unlike many motorcycle lifts that fit only a hand full of bikes you wont be left stranded… This lift can be adapted to fit over 300+ different motorcycles and counting!
  • The bike stays very safe and secure, the Sky Lift locks to both sides of the swing-arm pivot for maximum security.
  • Eliminates flat spots on tires – perfect for long term winter storage.
  • Off loads suspension front and rear unlike conventional paddock stands.
  • The bike can be locked off at 4 separate height positions for additional safety. (No load on hydraulic pump)
  • The wheels, forks, triple clamps, shock & engine can all be removed, in fact everything down to the bare frame! Even the swing-arm can be removed with our Swing Arm Removal Kit.
  • Takes up considerably less space and allows far more access than a workbench/table.
  • Allows you to reach virtually every component on a motorcycle at a comfortable working height.
  • Fully maneuverable, push your bike into the corner of the garage and wheel back out when work needs to be done!
  • Made with thick gauge and high grade materials for ultimate safety and longevity. The Abba Sky Lift is built to last!
  • Now supplied with our 3rd generation hydraulic ram. The new internals of our latest ram, combined with the foot pedal operation mean the lifting speed is around 40% faster than shown in some of our original videos. It now only takes around 35 seconds to lift to max height!
  • All Abba products are made in the UK by skilled engineers with over 30 years experience in the motorcycle industry. Made to the highest standards and all backed up with a full guarantee.

I’ve been using the Sky Lift for a few days now and have found it extremely convenient and easy to use. And it should come in extremely handy during winter storage. I can tuck the bike away very easy close to a wall or vehicle while keeping it off the ground all winter if needed.

Below is a gallery of some Abba Sky Lift images featuring the H2 SX, as well as an official video featuring the Hayabusa which is of similar dimensions and weight to the H2 SX.

Visit their website here: https://abbastandsusa.com

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