First thoughts from Fast Bikes magazine

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First thoughts from Fast Bikes magazine

Post by BoostedOne » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:48 pm

Kawasaki H2 SX: Five things we’ve learned so far…

1 - It’s ballistic. No surprises there considering it’s adorned with a mildly reworked motor from the head-warping Kawasaki H2. Linear power, effortless low down grunt and a clean connection from the throttle makes it a winner.

2 - It’s no whale. Ok, 256kg is enough to break most bathroom scales but that doesn’t mean to say the H2 SX can’t cut it in the curves. It’s surprisingly agile for a big bike and has a planted feel that’ll get you pushing your luck in the corners.

3 - Comfort doesn’t mean compromise. Yes, it’s built with a seat for long journeys, and has the high ‘bars and low pegs to go with it, but it still rides like a sportsbike.

4 - It’s a head turner. Before people see it, they hear it. And they’re likely to get you revving the nuts off the motor to deliver them audible pleasure.

5 - The tech’s top notch. It’s not brimmed with rider aids, but the riding modes (full, medium, low) make a big difference to the ride, and so does the KTRC traction control (3 tiers). You can also turn it off, but be warned that the thing will try to loop you off the back in first – I’ve got the t-shirt. The new TFT dash is also worth a shout, along with cornering lights.
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Re: First thoughts from Fast Bikes magazine

Post by cOoTeR » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:55 am

This sounds a lot more promising than the visor Down review!
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