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Forum Rules

Post by H2SXadmin » Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:53 pm

First and foremost this site is about the H2 SX, bikes in general, and riding. In order for these forums to be useful, informative, and as drama free as possible, please follow the simple rules listed below:

This site is not related to or endorsed by Kawasaki in any way/shape/form.
Do not directly contact me about your motorcycle/dealership/warranty issues.
Contact Kawasaki and/or your dealer.

  1. Treat others with respect.
  2. Stay on topic in the appropriate forum(s).
  3. No discussion of religion and/or politics is allowed. There's too much of that on the internet as it is.
  4. Do not post pornography. This is a bike site. There are plenty of other sites that cater to that.
  5. Discussion about other bikes (or non-bike discussion) is fine, just stick to the lower sections of the forum.
  6. Topics/posts that violate the rules may be moderated or moved to a different forum without notice.
  7. Not a rule, but a request ... Please report SPAM asap so I can take care of it.
  1. The Vendor forum is only for companies/individuals offering H2SX specific products.
  2. DO NOT post your private/used items for sale here, use the Marketplace forum for that.
  3. If you see an item from #2, please report it so I can move the thread to Marketplace.

The Marketplace forum is offered as a service/convenience to members. The website owner/operator is NOT responsible for any transactions or the quality/warranty of any items sold/traded here. Those responsibilities fall to both the seller and buyer of items listed in the Marketplace forum. Sellers and buyers use this service at their own risk. It is their responsibility to ensure the validity of the sale and item before completing said sale.

Members, please don't post in an existing classified thread just to criticize the price/item/seller. Only use it to ask questions of the seller.

Marketplace Posting Guidelines:
Here are some tips for posting an effective ad. Clearly define the following:
  1. Start thread titles with [FS], [WTB], [SOLD] etc so members can easily scan titles.
  2. What are you selling:  Make, model, year, color, displacement, odometer, mods, features, etc.
  3. How much?
  4. Your general location (eg. city/state). Often people will only be interested if they are relatively close.
  5. Pictures, pictures, pictures.
  6. A method of contact. I recommend an email address to start. Posting your phone number for all to see is not a great idea.
  7. The Marketplace forum is auto-pruned regularly and removes threads that are old. If your item is deleted before you sell it, feel free to re-post your sale.

[Last updated: December 27, 2023]
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