H2 SX to H2 Motor Conversion

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H2 SX to H2 Motor Conversion

Post by cOoTeR » Sun Dec 17, 2017 1:48 pm

So boredom got to me last night and I decided to do some ballpark estimating on the cost to buy the components that were changed from the H2 motor for the SX. Im not going to do this I was just curious. Im not sure how interchangeable/compatable the parts will be so if you decide to try it don't blame me for the information here. Also Im sure theres tons of other small parts that would be needed. I based this off of the parts that most articles say are different in the SX engine vs. the H2 engine. Prices are for all parts needed for the motor, IE it needs 2 cams which cost 338.42 each so I put the cost as $676.78.

Cams $676.78
Pistons $430.12
Rings $195.04
Crank $1,107.56
Cylinder Head $2,179
Throttle Bodies $1,747.15
Impeller Assembly $3,456.

TOTAL For Parts $9,791.71
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Re: H2 SX to H2 Motor Conversion

Post by UFO » Sun Dec 17, 2017 5:50 pm

Yoinks. Half way to owning a second SX. :lol:
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