Shifting Gears, Downshift Throttle position

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When downshifting what position is your throttle in? (not using quickshifter) (explain)

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Re: Shifting Gears, Downshift Throttle position

Post by Bengarzy » Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:26 pm

I have had 3 bikes with up and down quick shifter, BMW, Triumph and Ducati, all work exactly the same, ie fully closed throttle, click down a gear and it will blip and rev match to your road speed exactly..... from all the road tests the S2 SX gets top marks for its QS up and down.....I have allways found that with modern large, effective brakes it is not easy to blip well when hard on the brakes and going down 3 gears into a tight corner....... the QS leaves your right hand to just brake and not make the bike see-saw as you change the pressure on the lever slightly when blipping........ it’s absolutely magic, cannot for the life of me see what the problem is apart from it will get real jerky if A the throttle isn’t fully closed and B if you also blip the throttle yourself....... either will make it real messy... use it as it should be used and it will all be good.
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