Sold my H2SXSE, have some parts for sale.

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Sold my H2SXSE, have some parts for sale.

Post by stanger1 » Fri Aug 05, 2022 9:05 pm

I have now traded my 21 H2SXSE, I know right, what was I thinking, but I did.
I had just bought some parts for it, some from this Market place.
1- Yoshi Carbon Tip Muffler, which I did buy from LEM here. Great shape. Weights alot less then the stock Muffler and is not too loud.
Main advantage is the weight difference from stock. $200.00 shipped to 48 lower USA States only.
Next I have the
1- Puig Double Bubble Windshield. It's about 1.5" inches taller than the stock Windshield. Like new, like it was on the bike for about 50 miles before I traded. $100.00 Shipped , again to the USA lower 48 States only, no HI or AK.
and last,
1 set Kawasaki OEM Panniers with the way overpriced mounting kit from Kawasaki. These are the 28L Panniers with the trim.
Now, I bought these second hand from Ebay and the guy did tell me that his bike had fell over, so the left hand Pannier has a 6" scratch at the front outside corner. I had put a sticker over it, but does not effect strength or performance of the Panniers.
1 key is included. New, the Panniers, mounting bracket kit, trim kit would be about $1,000. from Kawi.
$700.00 again, USA lower 48 States only and these will probably cost me $100. now days to ship.
I will get some pictures up of all of these items when I can get home and a little time.
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