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Re: got me new baby

Post by prettybirdSE » Mon Sep 14, 2020 7:47 pm

Good answer."applicable models"..yeah.That's why I was wondering.I know the grey ones have it.But I don't think there's any in the US.And I do have the H2SE+.

Maybe another question..If I use a heat gun on the swingarm stickers will they come off?I'm NOT gonna use a razor blade or anything sharp to scrape em off.Credit card or something similar.I tried the hair's hot,but it doesn't really budge those stickers.Also tried wd 40.Same results.Goo gone supposedly won't do it either.The other stickers came off with the hair dryer easily.Guy on another forum swears by the heat gun.You think it'll damage the paint?

Only on the swingarm.
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