Just how bad is the sxse seat?

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Re: Just how bad is the sxse seat?

Post by prettybirdSE » Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:29 pm

. "Are there any of you out there that have actually done some serious miles on the stock seat and like it? ".
Done a few all day rides with it.The slope and padding were uncomfortable about half way through the rides.Thought it would be okay,but no.When ya think about comfort more than the ride,it's not okay.IMO.
Bought a sargent.That was better,but still had too much slope to it.Reshaped the sargeant,added a 1/2 " thick foam (open cell)sheet, cut how I wanted and reinstalled the sargeant cover.Last ride I took it was no longer an issue.I took off about a half inch off the sargeant foam to level it out.Been excellent since.But everyone is different as was mentioned.My butt bones were being pushed somehow with the regular seat.This mod relieved that pushing by narrowing the front half some and flattening the bowl area.
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Re: Just how bad is the sxse seat?

Post by danham » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:30 pm

Just returned from a 2900-miler to the N.C. mountains and on the last day did 8 hours with only fuel stops. I’d call it much better than my BMW F800 ST but probably less comfy than a big touring machine. So yes, I still run out of ass before I run out of gas, but it’s not bad enough to warrant buying a cu$tom seat or using an AirHawk, which was mandatory on the F800.

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