Pruning User Accounts

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Pruning User Accounts

Post by H2SXadmin » Wed Jul 14, 2021 12:36 am

There are many accounts that:

1. Have never been active (never actually visited the forum except to initially register).
2. Have never posted.
3. Or have never verified their account.

Starting today I'm going to begin regularly pruning members who have not been active and have 0 posts. Any account prior to 01-01-2020 that meet the criteria will be deleted. As long as you have 1 post and/or registered in the last 1.5 years your account will remain intact, even if you have 0 posts.

In a nutshell, if you make no posts and aren't active at all for years...your account will eventually get deleted.

For some reason if you are one of these members who registered years ago and suddenly showed up wondering where you account went, just re-register again if you plan to be active.

This will help keep the database trim and hopefully fast.

I will update this post each time I prune, including the criteria.


Pruning History...

07/13/2021 - accounts with 0 posts .AND. registered prior to 01-01-2020
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