Further up Diamond Lake Blvd (Hwy 138, east of Roseburg)

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Further up Diamond Lake Blvd (Hwy 138, east of Roseburg)

Post by Prof J » Sun Aug 25, 2019 4:27 am

We live a little east, outside of Roseburg, and the houses are thinned out with some old growth in between. Met a nice fellow at the community mailboxes who has a BMW trail-bike. He and his wife are originally from England, and 75 years young. Retired union guy. We struck up a conversation a bit back, and setup last Thursday to take a trip to Diamond Lake, about an 81 mile ride one way.

The night previous we had some unusual summer rain, and for our area of Oregon, pretty heavy. Reminded me more of Central America, it was so heavy at times. The morning of the ride things were still pretty wet, overcast on the start, in the high 50's, perfect for a start. By the time we were about an hour into the ride, heading east, the sun began to heat the road and heavy mist was coming off the road.

Hwy 138 travels along the North Umpqua, as it winds through the forest. There are lots of shadowed areas on the road where the rider ahead will disappear into the mist, sometimes while on a straight away, or while heading into a shadowed curve. A few straight aways were long enough, also, for the lead to disappear in the thick mist.

Watson Falls, 272'. About 18 miles west of Lake Diamond, on the way up from Roseburg. I was sweating up a storm hiking up to the falls, about 20-30 minutes. Wayne is a mountain goat. Not a drop of sweat.

Diamond Lake dock. Diamond Lake is open year round, which is a little surprising to me, but as was explained, there are not many roads which have east-west access in Oregon, so they make the best of it. The public school is in Glide, 63 miles west, down Hwy 138 mountain road, at the base of mountain range. It's a 1 1/2 hour trip for the children, each way.

Diamond Lake dock

Diamond Lake lookout

Mt. Thielson, 9183'

N. Umpqua. Heading back home.

The H2 had 186 miles on the odometer for this trip. It took 3.1 gallons to fill. Fun bike. At the end of the trip I had just over 1003 miles total. No more RPM thresholds.
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