Birthday present at Boxberg

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Birthday present at Boxberg

Post by XcelleraThor » Sun May 26, 2019 7:40 pm

Since it was going to be the Queen's birthday next week, I decided to give her a two day "visit" to the Bosch proving grounds at Boxberg ( ... d-boxberg/) as a present to celebrate this event. After all it's been a marvellous almost 16k km during the first year with her.

"Motorrad" (German Magazine) exclusively rented the grounds for the participants of this event. I had booked the handling-course and high-speed part, while others chose the driving-dynamics sections.

Within the all-dominating high-speed oval also lie the handling-courses with larger radii (higher-speed) and smaller radii (some even with an outward slope!).

To warm us up on the first day the instructors sent us through a couple of the dynamics setups (slalom, obstacle avoidance ...) and then off we went to the faster handling course!
My favorite part was the hill with an upward left and change of seat position to a right turn just on top! (picture courtesy of

After a morning on that course we switched to the course with the narrower turns.
A long 270° downhill left turn was really great to settle in. The foto was taken (picture courtesy of at the exit towards a nice straight at which it's end the waste-gate's chirping made fellow riders ask me what I was riding!
On the second day the high-speed oval was ours for the morning. Two inspection rounds (one at 80km/h on the flat part and one at 100km/h in the middle lane) preceeded a round with a step speed part (!) on the "top lane" of the smaller turn. What an incredible experience, extremely slanted surface, upright bike! Even at that "speed" you cannot slip up there! We stopped there at the "bottom" part and walked around to inspect the course.
We were allowed five collective fast rounds plus a couple of individual turns with launch control starts and braking attemps out of high speed. The most spectacular round for me was, when I blasted off into the circuit (KLCM-galore) with two fellow riders each on Aprilia RSV Mille left and right roaring along! Rapidly approaching a looming wall of tarmac in front of me, which miraculously became my underneath, with heaven to my right and earth to my left, a VERY special experience.
I booked the afternoon for rides with an instructor I followed or he tail gated me to improve my riding skills. I felt very confident with the Conti Race Attack Composite Endurance tires, that also carried me home on the Autobahn through pelting rain and flooded Autobahn after passing Frankfurt am Main.

It wasn't the fact of unrestrained speed (I have that on the Autobahn) that I enjoyed most this weekend, but is was the fact, that I didn't have to pay attention to and for the f*cking idi0ts in metal boxes on four wheels while riding shared grounds. At Boxberg, all around me were riders fully focussed in the here and now on what they were doing, whome I could trust.

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