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CONTACT H2SXRIDERS is a site and community dedicated to the exciting Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX. We are open to all new and future owners, or anyone interested in gleaning more knowledge about the bike and its community of riders. is not affiliated with Kawasaki or KHI.

PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING US!!!!! is NOT a store or service center related to the Kawasaki H2SX. We DO NOT sell products or offer services. It is NOT affiliated with Kawasaki, KHI, or any third party company that provides service, OEM parts, or aftermarket parts. This website, and/or its owner(s), are not responsible for any work, modifications, or warranties of Kawasaki motorcycles. DO NOT contact us for ANY issues related to your motorcycle. Please contact Kawasaki, your local dealer, or the company/individual that did work for or provided parts for your H2SX.

If you contact us about any issues listed above, you will receive NO response. 

Only contact us for issues related to the WEBSITE.

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