H2 SX Carbon Fiber Accessories
June 28, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

Been looking for some sexy, real carbon fiber bits for your new H2 SX? Z4 Motorsports may just have the parts you’re looking for. Real, sexy, carbon fiber . . . not faux fiber look. But, the price of entry for real carbon fiber is never cheap. All of their H2…

Garmin 595 Wire Harness Mod
June 8, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

If any of you are familiar with the Garmin Nuvo 39X and 59X series you know that it comes with an over engineered, cumberson, and semi-useless wire and power harness (see above picture) for the cradle that: Requires you to hardwire it directly to your electrical system for 12V power.…

Custom H2 SX Colors
June 3, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

[7 Images] If you recall out gallery of wild custom H2 SX paint jobs from earlier this spring, you’ll remember some of these cool (and atrocious) paint schemes. Who isn’t interested in more custom H2 SX colors? What if you want something a bit more subtle and understated? Less loud and…

H2 SX Supercharger Impeller Axial Play Measurement
June 3, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

It goes without saying (okay, I’ll say it anyway) that the supercharger is the heart of any H2 based engine, and the H2 SX is no exception. Except the average owner of the SX will probably expect a higher state of reliability and a much longer life from their powerplants…

Powerbronze H2SX Accessories
June 2, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

Just a heads up to all owners that we have a whole slew of Powerbronze H2 SX accessories in the pipeline, either available now or scheduled to be available sometime around the end of June (2018). All of these accessories are mainly convenience and aesthetic in nature, but it’s never bad…

BikeReview.com.au H2 SX Review
June 2, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

BikeReview.com.au H2 SX review has been posted up, giving us a generally positive review of our beloved new Kawasaki H2 SX. An excerpt from their written review is included below: We spent a week riding the Ninja H2 SX SE recently and came away impressed. Comfort is up there with…

Ultimate Motorcycling H2 SX Review
June 2, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

Ultimate Motorcycling has posted a glowing video review of the new Kawasaki H2 SX. Here’s a short snippet of text, but I recommend watching the video:: The 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE aims to put the “Sport” in “Sport Touring,” in a big way. Kawasaki’s latest supercharged beast is…

H2SX MTC Slipon Exhausts
June 2, 2018 H2SXadmin 0 Comments

MTC (Max Torque Cans), a U.K. company, has slipon exhausts available for the mighty H2SX. You can pick from a myriad of outlet, shape, material, and color options to suit your needs and taste. Outlets: Shapes: Materials/Colors: Visit MTC’s website here: https://www.maxtorquecans.com/ They also have various Ebay stores set up for…

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

The all-new Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE (special edition) is where luxury and performance reach stunning new heights. born from a pure pursuit of supercharged street performance, the Ninja H2 SX SE is the ultimate supercharged sportbike, offering the most desirable street qualities of hypersport, supersport and sport touring bikes.
  • Premium SE model features: high-grade full color TFT LCD screen, heated grips, larger windscreen, cornering lamps, KQS (up/down), steel braided brake lines, DC outlet, center stand, tank pads and stitched seam seat
  • The balanced supercharged engine delivers incredible hypersport class power for remarkable acceleration and superb fuel economy while cruising
  • Kawasaki’s finest IMU-equipped electronics management package offers next-level chassis orientation awareness
  • The new trellis frame and subframe provides the lightest and strongest chassis design
  • Relaxed upright sport riding position offers comfort and passenger capability for 2-up riding
Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX
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